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Elevate Your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) to New Heights

You can now build an investment property using your SMSF. Take control and plan your super in a direction that promises both growth and flexibility.

  • Your choice of land, builder, and location across Australia.
  • Opt for house and land packages with attached DHA leases.
  • Benefit from lower rental income tax rates and CGT advantages.

Three Simple Steps

Step 1: You Decide

The SMSF investor decides on the specific builder, location and property type and we give total choice with the investment.

Step 2: Sign Contract

The SMSF enters into a single-part contract with Supavest Defence and pays a 35% deposit.

We acquire the land, and oversee the construction of the property and all payments to the builder.

Step 3: Own The Property

Upon completion, the SMSF pays the 65% balance. The completed property is transferred. The sale is finalised with the SMSF now owning a new investment property.

Benefits of DHA Leasing Agreement

Long-Term Lease
Up to 12 years with the potential for extension.
Advance Rent Payment
Ensures rent is paid even during vacancies.
Periodic Property Inspections
Regular checks to maintain property standards.
Property Maintenance
Covers most non-structural repairs.
Market Rent Review
Conducted periodically by an independent licensed valuer.
Single Service Fee
Simplified fee structure.
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Online Management Portal
Provides convenient property management tools.
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Monthly Statements
Regular financial updates.
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End-of-Lease Professional Cleaning
Includes ensuring all appliances are functional and grounds are tidy.
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For further details on leasing your property to DHA, get in touch with their dedicated team.

Benefits of Supavest Defence

Peace of Mind
Complete certainty regarding the commencement of rent, while also offering a rent review three months prior to your build completion.
Long-term leasing agreement up to 12 years, with the possibility to extend the lease beyond 12 years.
Guaranteed Rent
If all DHA requirements are met, rent is guaranteed from the date of settlement.
Annual Reviews
To ensure that rent is fair for all parties involved, annual rent reviews are conducted.
One Payment
You only pay a one time fee.

Types of Builds

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