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Traditional Property Investment

Investing in property the traditional way can be a complex and limiting experience, especially within the current SMSF property investment space. Investors are typically confined to three types of properties:

Established Builds

Town Houses


These conventional options often deliver sub-par rental yields and contribute minimally to the growth of retirement savings within an SMSF. Keep scrolling to find out how Attrib Solutions can help you to avoid this.

The Attrib Solutions Approach

Enter Attrib Solutions—an innovative alternative that revolutionises SMSF property investment. Unlike traditional methods, Attrib Solutions provides investors with total freedom of choice, no longer restricting them to just established builds, townhouses, and apartments.

With Attrib Solutions, investors can leverage their super funds to invest in new, positive cash-flow house and land developments. This approach empowers investors to actively enhance the value of their investments through forced appreciation—an increase in property value driven by the investor’s own strategic decisions.

Benefits of Investing with Attrib Solutions

Investing in newly constructed houses and land developments via Attrib Solutions unlocks a world of possibilities, including:






Rooming Houses

These brand-new builds offer high-yield rental returns, significantly boosting the growth of an investor's retirement savings within their super.

Our 3 Simple Steps

Attrib Solutions makes investing in new house and land builds within your SMSF straightforward and empowering:


You Choose

Decide on the builder, location, and property type. Attrib Solutions gives you total choice with your investment.


We Acquire and Oversee

Enter into a single-part contract with Attrib Solutions and pay a 35% deposit. We acquire the land and manage the construction process, including all payments to the builder.


You Own The Property

Upon completion, you pay the remaining 65%. The property is then transferred to your SMSF, finalising the sale and adding a new, high-value property to your portfolio.

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