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Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Investments

Traditional Property Investment

Traditional property investment is a complex field that offers investors the perception of choice with their investment.

This fact is ever present in the current SMSF property investment space, allowing investors to invest their super in three types of builds:

- Established builds

- Townhouses

- Apartments

These types of investment properties offer sub-par rental yields and add minimal growth to the retirement savings of an investor inside their SMSF.

The Supavest Solution

The alternative is SMSF property investment with Supavest OCP.

Supavest OCP
offers total choice with your investment and does not limit investors to established builds, townhouses and apartments.

SMSF property investment through Supavest OCP, enables investors to achieve what was once deemed impossible: leveraging their super funds to invest in new positive cash-flow house and land developments.

Supavest OCP empowers investors with the ability to actively influence the value of their investments through a unique appreciation method, known as forced value, through positively geared properties.

Forced appreciation takes place when an investor makes decisions that increase the value of an investment through actions of their own accord.

Investing with Supavest OCP is a prime example of forced value in action due to the nature of the investment which sees super invested in brand new house and land builds, which as stated, offers higher rental returns.

The capability to invest in newly constructed house and land developments within your SMSF via Supavest OCP opens the door to a range of possibilities, including:

- Houses
- Co-Living
- Dual-Living
- Duplexes

Brand new house and land builds offer high-yield rental returns and in turn, provide unprecedented growth to an investor's retirement savings inside their super.

Our Three Simple Steps

Our unique property investment solution, Supavest OCP, makes it possible to invest in brand new house and land builds, inside your super.

SMSF property investment with Supavest offers investors total choice with investments inside your super.

Choose the Property

The SMSF investor decides on the specific builder, location and property type and we give total choice with the investment.

Sign the Contract

The SMSF enters into a single-part contract with Supavest and pays a 35% deposit. We acquire the land and oversee the construction of the property and all payments to the builder.

Own the Property

Upon completion, the SMSF pays the 65% balance. The completed property is transferred. The sale is finalised with the SMSF now owning a new investment property.

You choose the land!

You choose the builder and build type!

You choose where in Australia to invest!

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