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In Australia, there are over 500,000 teachers that work across almost 10,000 schools which are categorised as either government, Catholic, independent, or non-government schools.

Of these 500,000 teachers, over 300,000 work in a full-time capacity, with the number increasing by almost 2% every year.

The teachers who help make up these figures are undoubtedly a part of one of the most important and ever-growing workforces in Australia.

This is why the team at Supavest care about the future and well-being of Australia's teachers.

Giving back to the community is a central pillar of our organisation and is something we take immense pride in.

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Supavest OCP

Here at Supavest we wholeheartedly understand that investment strategies come in all shapes and sizes. It is due to this understanding that we offer two incredible property investment options that cater to both experienced investors and first-time investors.

Our unique property investment solution, Supavest OCP, makes it possible to invest in brand new house and land builds, inside your super. SMSF property investment with Supavest offers investors total choice with investments inside your super.

You choose the land!

You choose the the builder and build type!

You choose the where in Australia to invest!

The Solution is Made Possible with Three Simple Steps!


Choose the Property

The SMSF investor decides on the specific builder, location and property type and we give total choice with the investment.


Sign the Contract

The SMSF enters into a single-part contract with Supavest and pays a 35% deposit. We acquire the land and oversee the construction of the property and all payments to the builder.


Own the Property

Upon completion, the SMSF pays the 65% balance. The completed property is transferred. The sale is finalised with the SMSF now owning a new investment property.

SAFE Property

For investors looking to generate passive income, however, do not have the funds needed to begin their SMSF property investment journey with Supavest OCP, we also offer an alternative.

Introducing SAFE Property, SAFE Property revolutionises the investment landscape, providing you with the opportunity to invest alongside individuals who share your investment goals and values.

All you need is a 5% stake to begin your fractional property investment journey, as well as unlock the potential for monthly payments with annual returns of up to 11%.

7 like-minded investors in a secure property venture.

5% Ownership stakes distributed across all SAFE properties

Unlock the potential for monthly payments with annual returns of up to 11%

Start Your Journey Today!