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Build a new G.J. Gardner House and Land package within your superannuation!

Many individuals are unaware that investments in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) extend beyond traditional stocks and bonds. While these securities can yield consistent returns, diversifying your portfolio is essential.

SMSF property investing is one such alternative, allowing you to use your retirement savings to acquire income-generating real estate. G.J. Gardner specialises in guiding SMSF property investments and has devised a straightforward plan for leveraging SMSF funds to support real estate development.

Currently, SMSF investors face limitations on properties with two-part contracts. G.J. Gardner Ballarat addresses this by entering a two-part contract with the builder, while the investor engages in a one-part contract with them. This innovative approach enables the purchase of new home and land packages within the superannuation framework!

Our Unique Solution


Select the house and land packages of your preference, choosing from a variety of our home designs.


The SMSF initiates a single-part contract with G.J. Gardner, providing a 35% deposit. The land is then secured by G.J. Gardner, who then manages the construction, and handles all payments to the builder.


Upon completion, the SMSF settles the remaining 65% balance. The finished property is transferred, completing the sale, and the SMSF becomes the proud owner of a new investment property.

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G.J. Gardner is home to one of the nation's largest property portals and offers an abundance of property builds to suit your investment needs.

No matter where you are looking to build, either your first or next property investment, the team at G.J. Gardner can make your dreams a reality.

We build all across Australia in both rural and suburban locations, which means you have total choice in regards to where your investment property is located.

At G.J. Gardner you're in control. We offer expertise and support to ensure a smooth process. Secure a brand new home and land package with G.J. Gardner today!

Are you ready to enhance your retirement portfolio with new investment properties inside your super?

“Turning your dream home into reality was just the beginning; now, let us fashion a retirement future that complements your style.”

DISCLAIMER: G.J. Gardner does not offer financial advice and encourages you to consult a licensed Financial Planner for all your financial advisory needs.